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Flower Power Coat red - SOLD OUT

This coat goes back a long way! I was 16 years old the first time I made this coat. Back then,it had a heavy gimped edge along the front - smack dap down the middle. Now,almost 40 years later, I have reinvented it, but in new and gorgeous colours and a far better quality yarn. I have also omitted the gimped edge. Still a good looking coat with a happy explosion of colours. I usually say that if you want to be seen or miss a bit of fun conversation, then this is the garment to wear.
Size M: chestwidth 104cm, length 102cm.
Size L: chest width 112cm, length104cm.

ID: 6060

DKK 5.500,00
(DKK 4.400,00 VAT excl.)
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